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The Untold Story

•1996             Company formed by Mr Pawan Kapur and Dr Vijay Goel in 1996.
•1998-1999   Started with distributorship of Saint Com Stents of France.
•1999-2005   Started our association with U.K. based PAN Medical Company.
                      Started distributorship with Boston Scientific in 2000 but in April 2004 Boston Scientific had to close                          their  operations in India. 
•2005-2017   Started again with Medtronic, Xomed, Medel Cochlear implant, Lohmann & Rauscher, Pentax and St                        Jude Medical.
•2017-2021    Stent Price cap by Govt of India. Selling price went down to 1/3rd Demonetization, GST                                              Implementation & Covid Lockdowns

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Our Vision

The vision of M/s Bioaide Technologies Pvt Ltd is to provide value-added solutions, customized solutions, long term business relationships at national and international levels. We aim to provide the best healthcare products with the help of our highly trained staff and advanced infrastructure.

Our Mission

M/s Bioaide Technologies Pvt Ltd aims to change the healthcare industry and operates on the vision to make a difference in the healthcare industry by providing customers with high-quality products and services. We will supply and service medical equipment that meets the highest standards set by our customers.

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