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Wound Management

Lohmann & Rauscher offers offer a comprehensive range of products for exudate absorption, for packing and cleaning wounds, and for padding and bandaging. Our range includes products such as Gazin brand swabs, gauze dressing pads, cotton gauze, and absorbent gauze dressings. The product features are designed to meet a range of needs: sterile, non-sterile, with and without X-ray contrast, different sizes and plies (for dressing pads made from nonwoven and gauze).


Lohmann & Rauscher


Premier Enterprises is the largest manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of surgical dressing disposable, medical dressing disposable, wound dressing disposable etc, like medical gauze products, cotton products and other hygiene care products used in the heath care industry. These are manufactured in conformation to the international standards including conform to Pharmacopoeia European and other internationally followed standards.

Premier Enterprises

Cardiology: Products
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