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Surgical Consumables


The major activity of the Company is procurement of field latex in ammoniated form and concentrating it by the Centrifuging process to various grades of Centrifuged Latex (Cenex). Cenex is the raw material for manufacturing Gloves, Condoms, Foam, Elastic Threads, Rubber Band, Balloons, Rubber Lined Mats etc. The byproducts of the process viz Skim Block Rubber and Skim Creep Rubber are used for manufacturing various other Rubber products. St.Mary’s Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. Has emerged as the top processor and exporter of centrifuged latex in India. Thus contributing substantially to the foreign exchange earning of the Country

Medline manufacture and distribute medical and surgical products, medical equipment and medical products to healthcare institutions and retail markets around the globe. From intuitively designed procedure packs and comfortable protective medical apparel to green waste management, Medline helps you run a safe and efficient operating theatre.

Medline medical products and Medline medical supplies help improve the efficiency of your staff and patient safety, and enable you to deliver the best patient care.

Cardiology: Products
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